Three apps to help you take your Social Media marketing to the next level!

One thing we can all agree on is that we have all become time poor. As employees, business owners and humans we are becoming overwhelmed with more markets being available and businesses being expected to be 24hours. This also means that we can struggle to tick all our jobs off the list, including social media marketing.

If you aren’t able to outsource your social media marketing, try these three apps to help you to get back on track:

  1. Canva

If you haven’t used Canva before, it will change your life! If you’re not 100% confident on how to create beautiful images for your Facebook or Instagram account than this app is perfect for you! Choose from endless designs and templates that suit your business and you’re off!

Two secret gems about this app:

  • You can utilise the same templates over and over again to help streamline your news feeds and create a cohesive brand
  • You can use this app on your phone or online. This means you can always create content on the go!
Later app
  1. Later

Later is a great app for those looking to schedule content for Instagram! Facebook already allows you to schedule your posts in advance so Later is an easy friendly option for those looking to streamline their workflow on Instagram too.

Two secret gems about this app:

  • Once you’ve scheduled enough posts, Later will tell you the best time to schedule your posts so that you gain the most interactions possible!
  • Later uses Facebooks API and has figured out a way to auto-post! No copy and paste here! Later will post and notify you that it’s happened!
anchor app
  1. Anchor

Podcasts have become huge this year. If you are looking to create a podcast but don’t feel confident about getting all the equipment and resources together than this is the app for you! Connect your platforms to the app, click and record!

Two secret gems about this app:

  • You can record on the go from your phone and when we mean on the go, this includes recording phone calls for interviews.
  • You can edit these recordings on your phone as well. There are also functions for you to add